Fried potato wedges, smetana, chives, bacon, Swedish Västerbotten cheese. SEARED SCALLOPS. Apple pie, maple syrup ice cream, roasted cardamom.


Och även om osten produceras i Västerbotten så äter vi pajen i hela Sverige året runt. Här är ett klassiskt recept på en Västerbottenostpaj.

Try the broccoli and Västerbotten cheese pie, it's delish, and most definitely baked on the spot. Free wifi. Upvote  Charcuterie, cheeses, cloudberry relish, grilled bread Watermelon, goat cheese, avocado, cherry tomato, mustard Västerbotten cheese pie, rocket salad. Nässel- och Västerbottenpaj. Nettle and Västerbotten cheese pie. Sockerärtor med pepparrot, rädisor och picklade senapsfrön.

Västerbotten cheese pie

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Evenly scatter the Västerbotten cheese all over the base of the pastry, then pour over the egg mixture. Return to the oven for about 15–20 minutes. It’ll puff up quite a bit towards the end and will turn … 200 g shredded Västerbotten cheese, or any other sharp, tasty cheese pinch of cayenne pepper Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C (about 350 F.) Whisk together the eggs, cream, cayenne and cheese, and fill the pie shell. Bake for about 25-30 minutes until the filling is set, and lightly golden. Heat the oven to 180°C. Roll out the chilled dough and line the pastry tin.

Västerbottensost is a hard, granular cheese with a distinct character and powerful aromatic aroma. The taste is said to be similar to Parmesan cheese; salty but with sweeter notes. Also, the texture is crumblier than an Italian Parmigianino Reggiano. It is a slow-maturing cheese with a ripening period of a …

Price: 79 SEK per serving. Small buffet. Cheese pie, hot mince stew topped with herb cream,  Fried potato wedges, smetana, chives, bacon, Swedish Västerbotten cheese.

2012-04-29 · Directions: Make the pie crust in a 9” form but do not bake it. Preheat the oven to 350F (180C). Whisk together the eggs, cream, cayenne and cheese, and fill the pie shell. Bake for about 25-30 minutes until the filling is set, and lightly golden. Eat at room temperature, or cold.

Västerbotten cheese pie

Västerbotten Pie. April 16, 2019 / Västerbottenspie, a classic recipe that suits when you want to set the table for Christmas, Easter, midsummer or as accessories for the crayfish. The pie is also suitable to enjoy as it is with a good salad. 3.5 Cup Västerbotten Cheese (4dl) Västerbotten cheese. Googling on ”Västerbotten cheese” gets nearly 1.5 million hits. This Swedish classic cheese is extremely popular in Sweden.

Västerbotten cheese pie

löjrom paj Västerbotten Cheese Pie Västerbotten is a Northern region of Sweden, meaning West Bothnia precisely, harboring the cities of Umeå and Skellefteå, but also home to the Västerbotten Cheese. All of this region actually used to belong to Finland until 1808, when Swedish became (more) violent about their territorial rights. Aug 7, 2015 - The Swedish Västerbotten cheese pie (Västerbottenpaj) is the most famous and traditional Swedish savoury pie. It is almost as mandatory to eat as the Place the mixture in the pre baked pie shell. In a bowl, mix eggs, cream, cheese, thyme , salt and pepper.
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West Bothnia Cheese pie or Västerbottenost paj as we call it in Sweden.

- CHEESE PIE -. Västerbotten cheese  We usually make Västerbottenpie every now and then and always for Midsummer. Pie of Västerbottencheese. Pastry.
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Västerbottensost. A traditional aged Swedish cheese with a mellow and rich flavour. Great on crispbread as well as an ingredient in cheese pie. 450g.

Popular and delicious Swedish pie made with the country's emblematic Västerbottensost. Ingredients: Pie pastry.

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Västerbotten Pie is made with Västerbotten cheese, which is Because Västerbotten Pie is served as a party dish, it's not so wrong to write 

This pie, which I’ve eaten my fair share of, nearly always crops up at midsummer and at crayfish parties and at Christmas. Västerbottensostpaj is a classic Swedish flan (tart) made from 'the king of Swedish cheeses'. In Sweden it is served all the year round, but it is especially popular at kräftskivor (crayfish parties) in August. Add the water and mix into a smooth dough.