En härlig surströmmingsstut med varm, nykokt mandelpotatis är bland det godaste man kan äta! Varva dina ingredienser av urbenad fisk, krispig, vacker rödlök, lite gräslök och skivad potatis på smörat tunnbröd och vips är stuten klar att avnjutas.


An article about surstromming. Swedish surstromming, a sour Baltic herring. Swedes eat ripe surstromming with paper-thin hard bread and boiled potatoes, 

Strömmingen läggs sedan på konservburkar för att efterjäsa. Surströmming är en svensk, framförallt norrländsk Here is an instructive video on how you are supposed to eat Surströmming (Fermented Baltic herring) without being appalled by the smell.By the way, if you fi Idag produceras surströmming på ett tiotal salterier från Tierp i söder till Kalix i norr samt av ett varierande antal mindre tillverkare. Det traditionella sättet att göra surströmming är att lägga in den hel men utan huvud. Sedan slutet av 1990-talet säljs också filéer. For Reddit! :DThis is a short instructional video on how to eat surströmming (fermented herring).There is basically two ways of eating fermented herring; On Vissa äter surströmmingen direkt på en tallrik medan andra lägger den på ett hårt eller mjukt tunnbröd.

Is surströmming safe to eat

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Is suströmming safe to eat? Yes! It’s completely safe to eat, provided that the herrings are not past their date of expiration. There should be an expiration date marked on the can. 2019-07-15 · So yes, micro-biologically it’s safe to eat – as long as the tin is intact. The can must be kept in the fridge, however, as when it gets warm the enzymes start to break down the fish and turn it into a grey disgusting-looking mush. In fact, the biggest surströmming -related danger comes not from eating it but from the pressurised cans.

13 Sep 2015 And one dish that is unlikely to gain popularity outside our borders is surströmming – Sweden's infamous fermented herring. Eaten since the 

The herring used for surströmming are caught just prior to … 2014-02-21 2020-12-05 Due to the strong smell surströmming is usually consumed outside in the late summer. It is usually not allowed to eat indoors in most apartment buildings.

The food safety and storage stability of these traditional products can be seen as Surströmming is often eaten with a kind of bread known as tunnbröd (thin 

Is surströmming safe to eat

The principle of this challenge is simple, eat Surströmming or at least try. Before eating, you have to open the box first, and that's what Martin is going to do. But a nauseating odor escapes from the can and causes a first vomiting. Martin is not going to give up so easily and still tries to eat the content.

Is surströmming safe to eat

Fermented fish, despite the scent, is micro-biologically a very safe product. In the seventies, the  1 May 2018 Surströmming by the way is a type of fermented baltic sea herring. I'm not sure how anyone ever started eating this! If you want to try it, here is a  27 Aug 2016 Here is an instructive video on how you are supposed to eat Surströmming ( Fermented Baltic herring) without being appalled by the smell. 16 Apr 2011 Surströmming is a type of fermented herring that is traditionally enjoyed (really?) in Sweden near the end of summer.
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The principle of this challenge is simple, eat Surströmming or at least try.
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There’s no doubt that once you’re vaccinated, your risk significantly drops, whether you’re headed into the grocery store or your favorite restaurant. To some degree, your decision-making will depend on your tolerance for the risk that remains. But there are other factors to consider, too.

To start with, have everything prepared such as freshly boiled potatoes, butter, bread, chopped onion, cold beverages and so on, before opening the can, as the initial smell of surströmming have a tendency to take over all other fragrances in the room. "I don't get it as often as I'd like these days because you can't eat surströmming by yourself," she continues wistfully.

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How "available" is this food (e.g. at most local supermarkets)? What does it taste like? Who eats it and how often? Any information appreciate …

Eating it indoors is fine. You don't  18 Jan 2020 I'm talkin about 'Surströmming', a Swedish fish specialty made out of fermented herring. The delicacy is known for its extremely penetrating smell,  19 Nov 2018 Eating it is not for the fainthearted, though in Scandinavia it has a large and eager following. The taste is acid, cheesy, intoxicating and redolent of  The commonest method of eating this stinky delicacy in Sweden is to eat it with thin and hard bread slice, boiled potatoes of almond shape and onions.